“Wild About Barns” Behind the Scenes: Little America Miniature Horses

Goliath 1600

By in From The Field on on Feb 23, 2015

I don’t know if there is ANYTHING cuter than a miniature horse. I fell in absolute love with the little guys and gals at Little America Miniature Horses. Tony and Carol Greaves were fantastic hosts and it was great to learn so much about a breed of horses that none of us really had any experience with.

Ponies and Camera 800

LA Pen 800

LA Stalls

LA Interview 800

It was also heartwarming to meet Tony’s “Thursday Kids,” a group of young kids from the surrounding areas that come to the barn after school to work with the minis. They learn all about grooming, training, handling, they work on an obstacle course, and several of them practice showmanship.

Thursday Kids 800

Ariel Thursday Kids 800

Kameron LAM

Among the Thursday Kids is a young man named Kameron, who is legally blind, but comes alive with confidence while he works with his favorite horse Rainbow. Together the pair has won several World Championships.

LAM Sunset 800

We can’t wait for y’all to see the segment on Little America Miniature Horses! Stay tuned for updates on when it will air!

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– See more at: http://wildaboutbarns.com/2015/02/23/behind-the-scenes-little-america-miniature-horses/#sthash.WqcvWRKn.dpuf


About Little America Miniature Horses

We are a family owned and operated miniature horse farm, now also featuring the rare Malaysian Serama Bantam chicken, the World's Smallest/Lightest Chicken!
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